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Let our 40 years experience in weight loss, diabetes management, and holistic nutrition guide you on the path towards optimal health.

What to Expect from Walker's Health

1. A Complete Medical & Lifestyle Profile

Before you arrive, an email with a weight profile questionnaire will be forwarded to you. This will ask you about your medical history as it relates to weight and any current health conditions. Providing this basic information will serve to increase our ability to personalize your program experience.

2. A Healthy Weight Screening

When you arrive at Walker's Health, your screening will include a blood pressure assessment, waist, arms, hips and thigh measurements, body fat, muscle mass and  water percentage evaluation.  We will provide you with a copy of your personalized results, and together we will determine your projected weight loss. Your initial screening will serve as baseline measures in tracking your progress.

3. Education sessions on health promotion and disease prevention.

Our weight loss program is based on a Transitional Lifestyle System that focuses on holistic health. You will learn about gut health, inflammation, environmental toxins and more; so you can determine what factors may need adjustment so you can achieve optimal health.

4. Consultation with the Provider

Finally, a Registered Health Care provider will review your medical history, screening report, and profile questionnaire on an individual basis.  Your weight loss goals and challenges will be discussed and together a plan will be drafted that allows you to track your own progress and greatly enhance your success.

At the end of your visit, you’ll have a plan, personalized just for you!

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